In vitro study of formulated 1% clotrimazole eye ointment


require prolong therapy. A newly prepared formula of 1% clotrimazole eye ointment was formulated then in vitro study was done to assess its potential in treatment of human keratomycosis.Methods: Clotrimazole eye ointment of 1% strength was formulated (formula A). The zone of inhibition of the prepared clotrimazole eye ointment for Candida species and the degree of growth inhibition for Aspergillus and Fusarium species were studied then compared with that of commercially available 1% topical clotrimazole (formula B).Results: Both formula A & B has good inhibition zone for Candida species, formula A inhibits the growth of Aspegillus species in all concentrations used, while it inhibits the growth of Fusarium species in high concentrations only. Conclusion: a newly prepared 1% clotrimazole eye ointment is effective in vitro against pathogens that cause keratomycosis, further in vivo study will be done to prove its effectiveness.