Validity of HbA1c for Screening and Diagnosis Of Diabetes Mellitus


Background: Diabetes Mellitus is a common disease and About25% of the newly diagnosed diabetics have already established diabetic complications. HbA1c is familiar to clinicians, widely used as the basis for assessing glycemic control in established diabetes. It is also useful as diagnostic test.Aim of study: To determine the usefulness of HbA1c measurements in the Screening and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.Patients and methods: In this cross section observational analytic study randomized 100 patients from the attendance to al-Najef center of endocrinology , the emergency unit and to the medical clinical unit at Al-Sader Medical city in Al-Najaf city were studied during the period from July 2010 to April 2011 as suspected as new cases of diabetes mellitus .Each patient was subjected to detailed history taking & through physical examination with assessment of RBS , FBS , HbA1c. Results: 45% patients have Diabetes 55% were not diabetic. From diabetic patients 17 were male, 28 female. There is high correlation between the elevated level of HbA1c and the new diagnosis of diabetes. Also the study shows no relation between the age or gender and the development of diabetes mellitus.HbA1c is highly specific at 7% level for diagnosis new diabetes mellitus cases (94%)it is 85% sensitivity at (5.5%) level. Conclusion: Testing HbA1c doesn't require the patient to be fasting and it reflects larger term glycemic control than does plasma glucose, thus it is a useful diagnostic and screening test for DM. Recommendation: HbA1c is a useful test for diagnosis of new cases of DM. Especially in patient with normal or border line RBS.