Childhood Diabetes Mellitus In Thi-Qar City


ABSTRACTThis retrospective study was done on 179 of newly diagnosed children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus who were admitted over 5 years (Jan. 2003- Dec. 2007) to two main hospitals in Thi-qar city-Iraq . Majority of patients (79,3%) were between 5-12 years of age ,while the minority (20,6%) were less than 5 Years of age. The frequency of cases was correlated with increasing age . Male cases were 100 (55,8%) , females were 79 (44%) , male to female ratio was 1,2:1. Family history was positive in 81(45%) cases . Most of our patients 58% were from urban areas , while those from rural areas constitute 42%. Clinically 114(63,6%) patients presented with the classical symptoms of type 1 diabetes mellitus. At the onset 43 (24%) patients had ketoacidosis, five of whom were comatose. Most cases / 111(62%) presented in Winter and Autumn seasons, showed male predominance, shorter duration of symptoms and commoner presentation of ketoacidosis than in the other seasons. Thirty-two patients were had preceding history of viral illness or emotional stress during 2-4 weeks before presentation.