Using Power System Stabilizers (Pss) And Shunt Static Var Compensator (Svc) For Damping Oscillations In Electrical Power System


The power system stabilizer (PSS) is a control device provides a maximum power transfer and optimal power system stability. PSS has been widely used to damp electromechanical oscillations that occur in power systems due to disturbances. If no adequate damping is available, the oscillation will increase result in instability case. Shunt static var compensator (SVC) is also used to improve system stability because of its role in decreasing the reactive power in electrical transmission lines. This paper presents an application of (SVC) in electrical transmission lines and PSS in two areas, two generator test power system. Using mat lab software to design and implements control system and study the effect of damping oscillations in stability power system after proposed faults in transmission lines of research model that used (PSS - generic & multiband) types and automatic voltage regulator (AVR).