BACKGROUNDStudy effect of carbon dioxide water bath therapy (carbothera) in treatment of patient with diabetic foot which they are not response to convention treatment such as daily dressing, debridement, antibiotic and laser therapy in our diabetic and endocrine Najaf centre.SUBJECTOne hundred patient with diabetic foot sixty female and forty male with average age 50 years(range from 30 to 70 year) attending to diabetic and endocrine Najaf centre use as subject in our study followed in two year period(from1/1/2009 to1/1/2011) treated by carbon dioxide water bath therapy .METHODArtificial carbon dioxide containing water for foot bathing was generated using CO2 enriching water production unit manufactured by Mitsubishi Rayon engineering com..Ltd .The carbon dioxide concentration was set at about 900 to 1000 part per million ( ppm) and water temperature was set at 37c( fig1).Diabetic patient immersed foot in water bath start 20 minute then 30 minute at each set done daily or in alternative day ,water usually put in plastic bag and discarded after end of set for each patient then clean plate with disinfectant ,to be use for other patient, we isolated special plate for patient with gangrene .no. of set depend on diabetic foot response , in addition daily dressing and removing dead necrotic tissue and giving antibiotic usually according to culture and sensitivity test is also done. FBS measure on each set, B.U , Serum cretin in and HbA1c done every three month. Patient with oesteomylitis, congestive heart failure, sever varicosity of leg excluded from study. RESULT One hundred patient with diabetic foot attend to alnajaf endocrine and diabetic centre treated by carbothera ( CO2 water bath therapy ) 60 female and 40 male with average age 50 year ,result in 65% of patient have complete cure and 35% have partial response to treatment or recurrence after cure of same lesion or recurrence in another area of foot. CONCLUSIONCO2 is a natural, chemical and technical therapeutic mean which is effective in treatment of diabetic foot and has no side effects when used for the proper indications and in proper dose and can be used for other patient with vascular disease other than diabetic (atherosclerosis’ ,burger disease) and also can be use in treatment of diabetic neuropathy which is my next research.