Spyware: A Growing Software Threat


Spyware is a kind of software installed by a third party without the user’s fully informed consent; it tracks the infected computer activities and sends the information to a spymaster. Spyware slows a machine over time and after repeated activities, the longer the time, then the worse performance likely becomes. It is indeed a threat to computer security, and yet the sort of maladaptive software application.Spyware is more than an Internet nuisance. At the very least, it is an abuse of public trust by marketers, at the worst, a computer crime that can inflict real financial damages and uncertain legal consequences to individuals and organizations.In this paper, the spyware phenomenon is surveyed. The reasons for spyware existence, how it can be detected, the violations and threats caused by spyware applications, have been discussed in some details. The spyware applications are classified in terms of behaviors, performance, and functions. Also, the steps for avoiding and solving the spyware problems are stated.