The impact of the use of certain methods of teaching physical education to learn some skills of Handball


The impact of the use of certain methods of teaching physical education to learn some skills of HandballA. M. D. Ismail Mohammad RezaResearch SummaryPhysical education an important area of the fields of education, education being the longer of the individual preparing physically and Mharria and emotional, according to his tastes and emotions, so it turned many of the countries of the world to develop their educational systems and to review from time to time Bmnahjha study and means of achieving them by methods and teaching methods in light of the educational systems in place to achieve the teaching effective and available means of educational assistance according to the perspective of technology education, which led to work in the field of physical education and teaching on the serious work for the development of treatments according to the path of educational alternatives a new fit with learning those games and these skills and activities according to the level of capabilities and potential of learners, therefore, showed many of the methods instruction of various which provided the opportunity to choose the method appropriate to the nature, circumstances and environment of learners to be able to achieve the objectives of educational and work to develop the capacity of the educated and developed, so there is no way of learning is optimal since each method's aim and its application and its contents must therefore act in accordance with multiple methods to determine the effectiveness of whichever is the achievement of a result of distinct more than others.And a game of handball games organized collective characterized by accuracy, speed and the thrill of performance, so the orderly process of advancement in learning some skills, this game is not as desired only through the use of multiple methods in the delivery of good material to the learner.The importance of research to know how effective the use of multiple types of direct teaching methods in physical education for the purpose of the learning process to develop some skills in handball.