Microstructural Investigation on Severe Cold work and Treated Copper DrawnWires


The aim of this work is to study the microstructure of severe cold work copper wires,which its already processed at Ur Foundation (Nasyeria) which in Ur are cold drawn from 10 mm to 2 mm in diameter, then at final process it will be treated automatically by treated box by 200o C (semi treatment). Our work dealing with taken the final drown wire (2 mm in dia.)and doing a laboratory treatment by 200o C, 300o C, 400o C, and 500o C, one hour at this temperature and the furnace cooled. The result which concluded that the Ur treatment is hot full treatment but a stress relief one with almost same wire property. While the treated wiresshow a recrystallized structure with inclination by 450 angle for this structure. The high treated temperature shows grain growth and demises the 450 angle structure.