Study of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer Inside a Vented Square Cavity with Inner Heated Cylinder


The problem of mixed convection heat transfer for laminar air flow in a square cavity with inner heated cylinder is numerically analyzed by finite element method using software package (FlexPDF) to solve the conservation of governing equations. The right vertical wallis kept at constant temperature and the others are adiabatic. An external flow enters the cavity through an opening in the left vertical wall and exits from another opening in the right vertical wall. Results of streamlines, isotherms, average temperature and average Nusselt number of the heated wall are presented for Ri = 0 to 12, 50 .. Re .. 200, Pr = 0.71 and inlet position hi =0.2. From the present analysis it is found that with increases of Re and Ri numbers the convective heat transfer becomes predominant over the conduction heat transfer. The results of streamlines and isotherms are compared with available result of Rahman et al.[8], a good agreement has been achieved.