A comparative study of the psychological resilience of the players, track and field Submitted


A comparative study of the psychological resilience of the players, track and fieldSubmitted byD. M. Mohammed Jassim MohammedM. Mohammed Hassan M. GraceM. M. Ali Khudair ObeisResearch SummaryBecame the development of a feature of the modern civilized and advanced in the fields of technology and process in order to reach well-being in the service of humanity and can be expressed in images the development of sport in international sporting events as it is the embodiment of "the capacities of rights as well as they reflect clearly the interest of States in the sport in achieving centers developed, and that psychology has an active role in building human civilization and is a sports psychology a branch of psychology is affected variables multiplicity of psychological and these variables psychological resilience, which is ((a difference between players in the light of dealing with the variables that appear through the meet the conditions and performance requirements and how to cope with these situations and deal with it)) represents the psychological resilience of the athlete a significant factor and the key must be available and attention to the factors of physical, architectural, planning, and also directly affect the behavior of human motor and emotional, so that the athlete can work to achieve the best results , as ((the loss of mental flexibility Bariyada lead to imbalance and the imbalance in neuromuscular harmony in racing)) Hence the importance of research focused on identifying the reality of mental flexibility when players track and field youth according to the different events.Focus the problem of current research in the nature of the community to be studied and of players track and field youth as practice games multiple individual which is determined by results of effort Sports Self and the fact that psychological resilience is an important factor in achieving good results and access to higher levels, from here may researchers to question the nature of flexibility mental players, track and field youth, and whether there were differences in this variable depending on "the events Alarcad short, medium and long term, and shooting, and jump.