Compliance Issue in Type II Diabetes: Does it Reduce the Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors?


ABSTRACT:BACK GROUND:Type 2 diabetes, which is the most common form of diabetes, has an alarming increasing rate. It is a recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Non-compliance with healthy life styles, anti-diabetic drugs and diet are the central issues in patient's management as it might synergist other CVD risk factors.OBJECTIVE:The aims of this study were to find out the compliance, prevalence of CVD risk factors, and any association between them in type 2 diabetic patients.METHODS:A cross-sectional design and a convenient sample of 820 diabetic patients were used in conducting this study for the period from the 1st October, 2006 to 31st December, 2008. A Structured questionnaire was used to collect demographic information from the patients. 10 questions were used to determine the patient's compliance. The classic risk factors; obesity, hyperglycemia (HG), hypertension (HT), and hypercholesterolemia (HC), have been studied for each patient and compared with his/her compliance to find any association.RESULTS:The results of this study revealed that there were only 187 out of 820 (22.80%) with good compliance and 297 (36.22%), 336 (40.98%) patients with fair and poor compliance respectively. The prevalence of obesity, over weight, uncontrolled HG, HT (systolic, diastolic or both) and presence of HC in our diabetic patients were 27.32%, 36.83%, 51.95%, 40.73 and 30.37 respectively. Good compliance was associated significantly with normal body weight, controlled HG, absence of HT, and absence of HC.CONCLUSION:The study concluded that less than one third of our diabetic patients had good compliance. CVD risk factors are prevalent among them, and this prevalence is associated significantly with the level of compliance. Understanding the reasons behind these forms of non-compliance is an important key to the successful development of potential program to decrease the CVD risk factors and associated complications