The Role of Bank Service Innovation in Realizing Marketing Superiority: An Pilot Study for a Number of Bank Organizations in Dohuk City


The purpose of this research is to determine the role and the importance of the bank service innovation in achieving the market domination and superiority in comparison with the levels of the some banking organizations using proposed patterns which consider. The nature of the relationship found between the bank services and what is needed to promote marketing superiority. For such an aim, the researcher attempted to construct two essential proposals, and a group of other branch proposals was also derived from the original ones. In order to achieve the goals of the research and to complete its requirements, the researcher started to prepare a theoretical framework using the literature of the subject. The researcher chose some patterns of Duhoks Banking Organizations to fulfill the practical part of the study which involved (51) managers, some assistant managers and other head departments in those organizations using a questionnaire to collect the data related to the practical part of the survey, using some calculations, some results were analyzed, hypotheses were checked, the conclusions showed a correlation and effect relationship between the bank service innovation and marketing superiority. The researcher has also proposed some recommendations focused on the role of bank service innovation to achieve marketing superiority