Structural Behavior of Concrete Filled Aluminum Tubular Columns


The paper presents an experimental and theoretical study on the behavior of circularconcrete filled aluminum tubular columns. The main purpose of the experimental programwas to investigate the structural behavior of aluminum-concrete composite columns underaxial compression loading conditions. Twenty four specimens were tested to investigate theeffect of diameter, D/t ratio and slenderness ratio of a aluminum tube on the load carryingcapacity of the concrete filled tubular columns. Diameter to wall thickness ratio rangedbetween 11.9 ≤ D/t ≤ 22.8, and the length to tube diameter ratios of 3 ≤ L/D ≤ 10 wereinvestigated. The main purpose of the theoretical investigation was to predict the strength ofaluminum -concrete composite columns subjected to axial compression loading conditions.The empirical equations proposed in the present study are capable of predicting the values ofultimate loads of aluminum -concrete composite columns and were in good agreement withthe experimental values. The average values of ratios of experimental to predicted values ofultimate loads are 1.0104 for the proposed empirical equations. The circular hollow sectiontubes were fabricated by extrusion using 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy. The columnstrengths, load-axial shortening relationship and failure modes of columns were presented