Cole –Cole diagrams of gold doped germanium films


The gold doped germanium films with different gold concentration CAE(0,0.08,0.15, 0.2,0.3) weight %have been prepared by thermal evaporation under vacuum of (10 -5 Toor) with thickness (1 µm ) at substrates temperature (553K)and annealed at( 793K)to achieve good diffusion of gold in the germanium films texture. Measurements of The dielectric measurements were carried out over frequency range (102-107 Hz) for all pure and doped Ge films .It was found that all samples displayed dielectric dispersion thus the curves log (ε1 )versus log (w),log (ε2 ) versus log (w)gave direct evidence of the existence of Debye-type relaxation have a wide distribution of relaxation times. Cole –Cole diagrams had been used to determine the distribution parameters (α ) and the relaxation time (τ ).