AL-Buwayb battle


1 leaders of army .should he patient and courageous not taking decisions in hurry .2 - the failure of battle ((ALjesser)) was a great Muslims decided to face the enemy (Persians( they wanted to die as martyrs. - 3 the reasons of success depend on soldiers who obey their leaders. Who because of that Muslims had the victory . - 4 the characteristics of that battle international . Muslims participate in it . they considerate to live or not. Nota religious one . - 5AL- buweeb battle was the way to AL-Qadisiya .- 6finally , Al- buweeb is a small river takes it's water from Euphrates. It is in AL-qufa the battle was in that place. it is not al-buweeb which al-sayab mention in his poem ( the river and death) a river situated in Basrah .it flows in shat al – Arab .