Effect of Furnace Vacuum Pressure on the Joining Strength of Alumina Bonded Kovar


Ceramic to metal joining technique, which was used in this investigation includes the use of active filler alloy as a sandwich between the alumina and kovar alloy for brazing. High purity powdered metals of silver, copper, and additives of titanium were used to prepare the active filler alloy, through compacting the mixed powders and alloying in a furnace with argon atmosphere at the temperature of 800oC for 10 minutes. To use it as an active filler metal, it has been modified to a proper thickness. Two groups of alumina were prepared with different sintering temperatures (1450oC and 1650oC) and each group was tested under atmospheric pressure, vacuum furnace pressure of 2*10-4 torr and vacuum furnace pressure of 2*10-6 torr. All the process was at a same brazing temperature of 850C for 20 minutes. A reliable joint between the different types of alumina and kovar alloy was achieved by using vacuum furnace. On the other hand, weak bond was obtained by using atmospheric furnace. A maximum value of joint strength between alumina and kovar was obtained (130 MPa) under condition of 2*10-6 torr of vacuum furnace.