The physio-chemical characteristic of Sawa lake water in Samawa city, Iraq.


The physio-chemical characteristics and chemical composition of the Sawa lake water, well water, and Al-Atshan river water (branch of the Euphrates river) were studied by determination of the ionic composition of samples water. The hydrochemical composition indication the type of water in Sawa was Mg- chloride. Sawa water shows Hydrochemical characteristics similar to Al-Atshan river rather than the well near by or sea water .Its water could be subject to mixing with fresh and groundwater or marine origin water. The water in the lake and those in Euphrates are similar in hydrochemical characters moreover than is a similarity between Sawa water and Euphrates river. It is based on to be terrestrial water exchangeable with the marine origin sediments. Sawa water is over saturated with calcite, dolomite, arogonit ,gypsum and anhydrite minerals.