Globalization and the Iraqi sports movement


Globalization and the Iraqi sports movementA. D. Mahmood Dawood SalmanA. MD. Leading high-M. D. Hope to SalumaResearch Summary Globalization Globalization, which means the international space aimed at dissolving cultural identity and cultural development of nations in the structure of human a broader-based Aqsaqma private as the content of a global evolutionary to contain the world in a project to penetrate the other, and usurp and convert it to the awareness of false events imbalance in the equation of balance, leading to rationing and watering down the more comprehensive based on the events shocked by, inter changes based on the selection in the sense of the house and Winnie, according to his theory of species selection and survival of the fittest. This means that states, nations and peoples to Atkdr the competition will be doomed to extinction in the signal that the world will be within the perspective of selectively assumed ideology of globalization, and that the events of a coup systems, intellectual and human paralyzed to control the conduct of his movement and transformations, and the goal of the abolition of social conflict and emptied of its content, Valastlab winning this leads to sleep societies and negatively to perception, and falsification of human consciousness science in dealing grounds of moral, humanitarian and even of the sacred to be a substitute for all that is spiritual and heavenly.And we call globalization to break down barriers between different countries and that open and expand the exchange and dialogue in all fields, including sports fields, which preceded the other areas as a result of communication and exchange of experiences, visits and sporting events and at different levels to this, we find that the International Olympic Committee as the highest institution of international sports is working to expand the participation of all courses Olympic Games, held every four years and began to globalization in the field of sports since the first Olympics in 1896, Greece, where she participated (13) state (9) games with the participation of 230 for player only, while we find it continued to evolve until almost the number of participating countries (200) state in the Olympic Games held in Athens, also the year (2004) m and with the participation of more than (13000) athletes competing in more than (300) contest, and were seen by nearly four billion people, this is the most important achievement in the field of sports world, which shows that globalization in sports are the best of other areas in the development and spread quickly and in more than a cent a year. We have awarded the Olympic Games a space beautiful for the athletes and widespread spiritually harmonious conformity with the highest values of sport and kept Vdhaeadtha open towards the progress towards the achievements and the starting and exploring the future prospects by making the earth a form is subject to catch and people with a human living their values and dreams in achieving Ttalaúahm contribute sports away from the projects profitability by invaded our games with the present and everyone is now unable to challenge the physical start of the destruction of the values of sport, and missed the Olympic Movement, its long history.