The relationship between the success rates of types of basketball scoring and final ranking of the school teams


The relationship between the success rates of types of basketball scoring and final ranking of the school teamsM. M. Qassim Mohammed AbbasM. M. Qais Saeed DiemThe goal of school sports is to prepare students, including athletes, in particular for life and society, and they are the basic building block to supplement the national team is talented and competencies to make them champions of the future 0 The game of basketball ... Sport beautiful .. It really well because they agree and harmony and grace and art .. It sports all of both sexes.Much has been written about the organization's overall game of basketball, adopting a method books "familiar" of evolution by identifying the skills and techniques to provide offensive or defensive play 0Unfortunately, they neglect the most important part of the game is to provide methods of regular and advanced is the development of a maximum for the success of scoring or correction in the game of basketball.The scoring is the end result of team effort and that the preparation and good training are technically or tactically it helps in the success of the team effort and convert it into points recorded against the opposing team. Represent the difference School participate in the final rounds of the finest players, students, Iraq; and therefore the study and analysis of the results of these teams in the finals is one of the ways to develop the game of basketball in Iraqi schools that aspire dismissed the Chief Financial our teams of national good players as well as supplying sports clubs. The basketball modern world depends on the upgrading of all the skills scoring together and this helps in the ability to maneuver using the type without the other and conquer the defense. This is the struggle waged by the great young people who practice the game of basketball so they have to overcome old stereotypes inherited in the areas of trainingEjad and how best to use their strength to the success of scoring.Through study and analysis of the results of teams participating in the final rounds of the championships the school and note the researchers for a number of tournaments and after reviewing the registration forms Matches noted that the team that scored a number more of the points is not necessarily in the first rank, so felt the researchers made statistical analysis of the teams participating in the roles The final of the tournament school of Iraq, in the identification of three types of scoring and a correlation with the order of the final results in the hope of access to the answer to the question whether there was a relationship between the order of the teams and the success of the different types of scoring 0The research aims toKnow the relationship between different types of scoring a successful and final standings.Knowledge of any species with a greater impact on the game.