Preparation of Cu thin film by cylindrical magnetron sputtering device


In the present work, a D.C. magnetron sputtering system was designed and fabricated. This chamber of this system includes two coaxial cylinders made from copper .the inner one used as a cathode while the outer one used as a node. The magnetic coils located on the outer cylinder (anode) .The profile of magnetic field for various coil current (from 2Amp to 14Amp) are shown. The effect of different magnetic field on the Cu thin films thickness at constant pressure of 7x10-5mbar is investigated. The result shown that, the electrical behavior of the discharge strongly depends on the values of the magnetic field and shows an optimum value at which the power absorbed by the plasma is maximum. Furthermore, the plasma characterization was also measured by Planar Langmuir probe to given information bout the behavior of plasma through the sputtering process