The axial profile of plasma characteristics of cylindrical magnetron sputtering device


In the present work, a d.c. magnetron sputtering system was designed and fabricated. The chamber of this system was includes from two copper coaxial cylinders where the inner one used as a cathode (target) while the outer one used as the anode with Solenoid magnetic coil located on the outer cylinder (anode). The axial profile of magnetic field for various coil current (from 2A to 14 A) are shown. The plasma characteristics in the normal glow discharge region are diagnostics by the 2.2mm diameter Langmuir probe with different length along the cathode and located at different radial positions 1cm and 2cm from the cathode surface. The result of this work shows that, the electron energy distributions at different radial positions along the cathode surface are non-uniform. Therefore, the plasma characteristics at these radial positions along the cathode surface are non-uniform. So that, the ion bombardment along the cathode are non-uniform in this glow discharge region.