Assessment of physical environment of primary schools in Mosul city


Background: Physical school environment considered one of the critical points for children growth and development. Schools are large places that present significant opportunities for getting an accident or infection.Objective: To assess the physical environmental health criteria of primary schools in Mosul city.Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study design has been adopted. A sample of 25 schools has been taken using multi-stage stratified stratum sampling technique. A special questionnaire form has been prepared depending on WHO criteria for schools environment. A separate questionnaire form has been filled by the investigator herself for each school.Results: Study results revealed that 52% of the schools are near a main street, 80%of schools are close to sources of pollution specially garbages, 20% of schools have maintained gardens, 72% of schools have inadequate faucets, 92% of schools have inadequate toilets. Whereas only 24% of toilets founds have good sanitary conditions. On the other hand only 20% of classrooms were found to be appropriate, 48% of schools were having inadequate lighting and 28% have inadequate ventilation.Keywords: School environment, primary school, physical.