Mortality Rate Among Low Birth Weight Infants in Al- Battool Teaching Hospital , Diyala Province, Iraq


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:An analytic cross-sectional study through which a review for the records of all patients admitted toneonatal nursery in Al-Battool teaching hospital,Diyala province, Iraq during the first six months of2003 and 2009 were performed.OBJECTIVE:To demnstrate the deterioration of the condition of low birth weight infants.PATIENTS AND METHODS:This study about mortality rate among low birth weight infants who delivered in Al-Battool teachinghospital Diyala governorate including the records of 366 patients admitted during first six months of2003 and compared with records of 558 patients admitted during the same period of 2009. Informationhas been studied extensively for gestational age, birth weight, predisposing factors and mortality.RESULTS:Mortality rate is increased to 30% during 2009, while it was 12% during 2003.Increase percentage of low birth weight infants (28-36wks) during first 6months 2009 (49%), ascompared to first 6 months 2003 (45%).Increase in congenital abnormalities rate (ranging from cleft palate to congenital heart diseases) (42%)on 2009 as compared to (29%) on 2003.Increase number of low birth weight infants to total deliveries at hospital (13.1%) during 2009 ascompared to (11.7%) during 2003.CONCLUSION:High mortality rate, increase percentage of low birth weight infants and increase cases of congenitalabnormalities during 2009, to be studied extensively and thoroughly regarding the environmentalcauses and health services availability.