A new simple medium for in vitro sperm activation of asthenozoospermic patients using direct swim-up technique


This study was designed to compare the results of sperm parameters for asthenozoospermic patients pre- and post-activation in vitro using a new simple medium and direct swim-up technique.Fifty asthenozoospermic patients were involved in the present study with age within range 22-41 years and duration of infertility 2-10 years. From each patient, semen sample was taken and seminal fluid analysis (SFA) was done. A new simple medium was prepared based on Ringer solution supplemented with additives sodium pyruvate and human serum albumin (5% or 10%) which referred as SMART medium (Simple Medium for Assisted Reproductive Techniques; SMART). SMART and Earl's media were used for in vitro sperm activation by direct swim-up technique. Sperm concentration, sperm motility (%), sperm grade activity (%), normal sperm morphology (%) and sperm agglutination (%) were assessed. Crude data were statistically analyzed.From the results of present study, it was appeared that most sperm parameters were significantly (P<0.05) enhanced post-activation in vitro as compared to pre-activation using SMART medium by direct swim-up technique. After in vitro sperm activation, the percentages of progressive sperm activity with grade A, total progressive sperm motility (grades A and B) and normal sperm morphology were significantly increased (P<0.05) in both treated groups as compared to control groups. However, highly significant (P<0.01) and positive correlations for sperm concentration and normal sperm morphology (%) were observed among groups of pre- and post-activation.It was concluded that the SMART medium was suitable for enhancement of sperm parameters of asthenozoospermic patients using direct swim-up technique. Further studies are needed to evaluate effects of SMART medium on successful rate of intrauterine insemination.