Iraq's Kurds in the Iran-Iraq relations, 1958-1975 AD


Kurds are considered as one of the important social parts with which the Iraqi people had been forged. Their existence in Turkey, Iran and Syria seemed to be having the same affairs. But, the Kurds in Iraq owned an issue and dilemma which had met a flawless reaction and echo on the international and regional levels. Since then, The Kurds' political and military movement had acquired a tense effect upon the internal political development in Iraq. It was clearly more than what had been noticed in the rest of neighboring countries. And in more than one way, all the Iraqi governments had been dealt with the Kurd's dilemma, during the Othman, Royal and Republic reigns. Sometimes an Iraqi government had no chance but attracted them towards the authority positions for its sake, and sometimes trying to quench tensions in their region by setting up some reforms or by achieving some of the Kurds' demands. When the Kurds' demands were surpassing to the Iraqi authorities, It would be seen unsuitable and breakable to be achieved. And the dilemma might be turned to be an armed struggle which ended up to clear loses for the both parties. So calmness semi- interim truce soon would knock the doors as soon as the first dispute in opinion and stands emerged. All these matters would be palpable through a failure to solve the Kurd dilemma by different Iraqi governments, with all its political and ideological tendencies. The second equation of the temporary developments of the dilemma is the direct impact with the foreign policy of Iraq and the international relations of Iraq. One of the most important relations is the linking to Iran the neighboring country which the historical events of unsatisfied track had been confirmed. The Iraq-Iran disputes possessed roots by which Othman-Safavid struggle had been inherited, as well as the uncertainty of both countries of what fated their borders had come after the First World War. Thus, the existence of the Kurd dilemma in Iraq entwined of worrying genre had indulged Iran to play a role in the Kurd- Iraqi equation, taking a heed to the political pressure means upon the Iraqi side so that more benefits would be required in any dispute point with Iraq. Therefore Iran role was clear, dangerous and palpable upon the national security of Iraq, in entering the Kurd equation which pushed into a danger phase, through Iraq history in the eve of the seventies of the twenty century. All would end in unfavorable results to Iraq, if Algeria agreement in 1970 had not been signed, which had stopped an inner tension in Iraq for both Iranian and Kurd equations