Elucidation of a Role for the Aqueous Extract of Borage in Mammary Gland Growth and Development


ABSTRACT: BACK GROUND : Herbal remedies are used in induction of lactation . In view of that ,Borage Officinalis was employed to ensure an abundant milk supply or rectify milk insufficiency .However ,this remedy has not been scientifically tested . METHODS: The animals were treated with the aqueous extract of Borage Officinalis flowers at a daily concentration of 100 mg / kg body weight /ml for each rat through Oro-gastric tube for 14 days . Animals were subdivided into subgroups according to their physiological status . Mammary glands of these animals were processed for histological , histochemical and immunohistochemical studies . RESULTS: The results of all parameters indicated that the aqueous extract of Borage Officinalis flowers induced lactogenesis in the mammmary glands of virgin and pregnant rats and promoted lactation when had given to lactating rats . CONCLUSION : Borage Officinalis is a lactogenic herb