The Value of Urinary Albumin to Urinary Specific gravity ratio in detecting Microalbuminuria in Diabetic patients.


Background and objective microalbuminuria is known to be harbinger of serious complications in diabetes mellitus. since medical intervention early in onset of microalbuminuria can de critical in reducing these adverse outcomes. it is widely agreed that diabetic patients should be screened for microalbuminuria. the study aim is to evaluate micral tests strips in conjunction with a urine specific gravity determination as a rapid and accurate method in detecting microalbuminuria in diabetic patients.Patients and methods40 diabetic patients from diabetic center of Al Sader Hospital in Najaf city were included in this study From March 2009 to August 2009. All with disease duration ≥ 5 years. Urinary albumin concentration/24 hours, urinary creatinine concentration/ 24 hours was done and the ratio of them was compared to ratio of urinary albumin Concentration done by Micral tests/ urinary specific gravity.Resultsthe relation between the acr which sensitive and specific in detecting microalbuminuria and the simple method that correlates the urinary albumin to urinary specific gravity is strong association.