Geotechnical properties and aerial distribution of bearing strata along the Shatt Al-Arab river bank from Qurna to Fao.


Geotechnical properties of many boreholes were collected and interpreted for identifying the bearing strata in Basrah region. Based on these geotechnical properties, the lithological succession along the Shatt Al-Arab River from Al-Qurna to Al-Fao in Basrah Region, could be classified into eight layers. The bearing capacity of surface layer is 300-600 kN/m2, which is suitable for small construction projects, whereas, the deepest eighth layer has N-value >50, this is suitable for large construction projects. The other sixth layers in between are very weak and of low plasticity, where the N-value is <15, which are not suitable for any construction projects. The lateral distribution of the layers explain the source and the geological history of the area.