Effect of urea and ethanol on swarming phenomenon in local isolate of Proteus mirabilis.


Proteus mirabilis was isolated from urine specimens collected from patient admitted to Al-Zahra Maternity and Child Teaching Hospital in Al-Najif Al-Ashraf / Iraq . This isolate was diagnosed by its cultural characteristics and biochemical tests , after that , it was cultured on Nutrient agar which contain concentrations of urea (1%,2%,3% ) . Isolate was cultured on Nutrient agar only as a control and then was cultured in a nutrient agar few drops of (90%) ethanol was added on the cover of cultured Petri dishes .The results showed a significant reduction in the diameter of the swarming circle in plates to which urea was added ( p< 0.05) . While those which are used as a control and those with ethanol showed no reduction in swarming circle.