Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Two Methods Using Methylprednisolone on Post Operative Sequelae Following Lower Third Molar Surgery


The surgical extraction of lower wisdom tooth like any surgical procedure is usually associated with postoperative sequelae (pain, swelling and trismus).Different drugs and surgical techniques were used to decrease these inflammatory responses. Steroids have been used commonly for this purposes particularly methylprednisolone (MP). The aim of this study was evaluating the efficacy of preoperative systemic and local administration of MP (10 mg) on the post operative sequelae following surgical removal of lower third molar. Patients included in the study were (60) divided into 3 groups each group consist from (20) persons. The first group was the control one while the second group received (10mg) of MP orally and the third group injected with (10mg) of MP locally around the site of surgery one hour preoperatively. The postoperative sequelae were assessed on the 2nd,5th, and 7th days following the operation. The result showed significant reduction in pain and oedema with the use of systemic MP and there was no effect on trismus. The local injection of (10mg) of MP was significantly affecting the oedema formation on the 5th, and 7th days. The administration of oral methylprednisolone (10mg) played a good role in reducing pain and oedema following lower third molar surgery. The method used was simple, applicable and easily accepted by the patients.