Measuring some General Thinking Patterns of Five-a-side Woman Players in West Asia championship


Man needs thinking as he lives in complicated and changed environments. He is surrounded by problems from all sides. If he does not know how to think properly he cannot live in his environment . There are different patterns and level of thinking that are different from person to anther depending on his environment and his ability to think .Therefore we see that physical education institutions have to concentrate on training the athletics of sound thinking of all levels of their life . Besides most of players behaviors through the events is partly effected by the society . The aim at the study is to recognized general thinking patterns of the woman players of five-a-side game that take placed in West Asia championship and identify thinking patterns of each team that participated in that game .Concerning the hypotheses of the study is that Arabic women players have different thinking patterns. The subject consists of 30 woman players of 6 Arabic teams that involved in west Asia championship of five-a-side game (Iraq , Syria, Jordon , Palestine ,Lebanon , Egypt). The period is (5-9/4/2011)on the court Orthodox Club- Jordon .The researchers have used the descriptive method since it suitable for the problem of the study .they also reached to the following conclusions :the creative thinking on the top of the woman players of five-a-side game then comes the scientific thinking pattern after that the imaginary and cooperative thinking .Concerning the thinking patterns of woman players according the countries (Iraq, Syria, Jordan)first comes the scientific thinking then creative, imaginary, and cooperative on the sequence.