Chromosome Abnormalities of Oral Squamous Cell arcinoma andCorrelation to the Tumor Size and TNM Staging


Abstract It is well established that cancer is a multistage process involving a number of aberrant molecular events culminating in malignant transformation. Indeed the great majority of human cancers exhibit quite visible chromosome changes and the consistent chromosome abnormalities are essential for the malignant phenotype, the aim of the preset study designed to asses the chromosomal aberration and the possible correlation with tumor size and TNM staging (T tumor size, N lymph node involvement, M tumor metastasis) of oral squamous cell carcinoma . We assessed the chromosomal aberration of sixteen patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma were studied, fresh and solid tumor was taken for mincing and transferred to a new tissue culture media, chromosomes staining was carried out with trypsin-Geimsa banding .The results of the present studies showed Aneuploidy,loss of chromosomes, deletion of chromosomal 7 Ch7q (22 36), translocation t (7:4q) (22 36 :: 35 ) and dicentric chromosome and double minutes. Tumor size (T3 +T4 +TX ) only represented a positive findings. TNM staging only stage (III+IV) represented a positive chromosomal aberration.In conclusion there was no specific chromosome or chromosomal aberration associated with oral squamous cell carcinoma.The tumor size and TNM staging system can be consider as a good clinical predictors for treatment plane and prognosis .