Prevalence of celiac disease in patients with dyspepsia in Najaf


AbstractBackground ; Although 30% to 40% of patients with celiac disease (which affects 1 in 200 individuals) have dyspeptic symptoms, there is a lack of data concerning the prevalence of celiac disease in patients with dyspepsia. Patients and Methods:In this prospective study we enrolled all patients (71 patient) that undergoing endoscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract for dyspepsia. From each patient (4) duodenal mucosal biopsies were taken and examend by (2) histopathologist for the diagnosis of CELIAC disease..Results:In this study (71) patients , (32)male and (39) female,there ages were ranged from( 16-70) years ,all of them have dyspepsia .The results of endoscopy were ;1-normal in 66 patients .2-diagnosis of Celiac disease ih 5 patients .The results of histopathology were;1.normal in 64 patients .2.diagnosis of Celiac disease in 7 patients.The sensitivity and specificity of endoscopy diagnosis when compared with histopathology were (71%and,96%)respectivly.Conclusions; from this study we can conclud that celiac disease is common in assosiation with dyspepsia and endoscopic findings can can be used for the diagnosis of Celiac.