Stress hypergly cemia as prognostic criteria in stroke patient


Back ground and purpose Stress hyperglycemia may associate with increase mortality and poor functional recovery in non-diabetic patients after stroke (1) , and this study was done to clarify this relationship.2-Objective1-To study the effect of stress hyperglycemia on prognosis and mortality in stroke patients.2-To compare the results with normoglycemic patients and diabetic stroke patients.3-To determine whether this stress hyperglycemia occurs more in infarction or hemorrhagic stroke.3-Method The effect of stress hyperglycemia on prognosis and mortality in stroke Patients was studied in (50) patients who were admitted to Merjan Teaching hospital by measuring random blood glucose for each patient and assess the severity of stroke by applying Scandinavian stroke scale (SSS) For each patient also type of stroke whether hemorrhagic or infarction was studied in each patient.4- ResultsA total number of 50 patients were studied, 19 (38%) were normoglycemic, 17 (34%) patients had stress hyperglycemia, and 14 (28%) were diabetic patients.Group (1)Normal patients (no history of diabetes and didn’t develop hyperglycemia after stroke).Group (2)Stress hyperglycemic patients (no history of diabetes and developed hyperglycemia after stroke).Group (3)Diabetic patients (already diabetics before stroke). (SSS) was highest in group (1) followed by group (3) and was worse in group (2) that was statistically significant. There was no significant difference in mortality among these groups (P >0.05). Also there was no significant difference between hemorrhage and infarction among three groups.Key words: Stroke, hyperglycemia.