Superficial Fungal infections


Background: This work aimed to isolate and identify fungi from different superficial fungal infection since these infections are widely distributed among low socioeconomic level people.Patients and Methods: All clinical specimens from skin, hair, scalp and feet were diagnosed as dermatophytes or other fungi according to well-known established mycological methods for isolation and identification of certain fungi. Results: This study was undertaken at AL-Yarmook Teaching Hospital during the period January 2008-December 2009 in which 55 clinically diagnosed as fungal infection were the source of clinical specimens. Out of 55 cases it has been found that 45 specimens (81.8%) were positive for fungi from which 21 (46.6%) were dermatophytes, 16 (35.5%) pityriases versicolor, 8(18.2%) candida albicans.Conclusion: It is concluded that dermatophytes are the major cause of mycotic superficial infections and that skin is the predominant area of the body which is invaded by fungi.