X- Ray effects on free radical levels in diabetics & healthy controls


The study was designed to show the effect of X-Ray on the level of antioxidants in normal healthy subjects and those with a habits mellitus. It was done in the department of physiology and medical physics in the Medical College of Al-Mustansiriyah University. The study was Design as Prospective, randomized, case control study. Antioxidant measurements include the estimation of erythrocyte glutathione and malandialdehyde levels.Data showed that erythrocyte glutathione (GSH) is lower in diabetic subjects them in healthy individuals while the mulondialdehyde (MDA) is significantly higher in diabetics them in normal subjects. X-Ray irradiation caused significant increase in GSH level in both groups while it dose significantly lowered the level of MDA in diabetics and healthy subjects. We concluded that Hyperglycemia is the major source of producing free radicals in diabetic subjects and ionizing radiations have great effects in the production of free radicals in both, healthy subject and diabetic individuals.