The Effect of magnetic field strength as a free radical on diabetic subjects


The study was designed to found out the effect of magnetic field strength on the level of free radicals in the blood of diabetic subjects. It was done in the department of physiology, the medical college of Al-Mustansiriyah University and the research lab of the medical physics section. The study was Design as a prospective, randomized, case-control study. Out came measures: magnetic field (MF) was designed to build field strength of 10, 20 & 30 millteslar. The estimation of oxidative stress and antioxidant was done by measurement of malondialdenyde MDA and Glutathione (GSH) level. This study showed that the level of enythrocyte glutatione was significantly lower in diabetic subjects (P < 0.0.) while plasma MDA was significantly higher in diabetes subject than in the control group. All the measured parameters showed no significant changes when exposed to MF up to 30mTS. We concluded that a magnetic field of up to 30MTS has no harmful effect on the biological system activity in normal and D.M.