Study the stability of some lnetalion of complexes in aqueous sollitibn


Mcasurerrrcnrs ot' rt.b,',o,ollliiiL, of' co,rplcxcs lbrnrect b1,irtteraction 01' pol.assium 5-urcrcapto-I.3.4-oxadiazol-2-ylcartranrcldith-ioate (K.TC-) rvith (Ag*, Ca*2, Mn*2, Co'r. Ni-:. Zn*1, Ccl-2, and I)b-rCr*i. Fe*3. [,o*' ,) ions, have been perlbnrccl. 'l-he bidentate ligancl (K'1'CS-) has a hardness parameter (a) of (0.350) and a sottness (B )paranleter o1' (0.05). Ronding in these conrplexcs occur nrost probalrlrthrough sulfur atonr ol' carbonate group arrcl ione pair clectrons ol'thcisomcthine nitrogen atom fbr oxadiazolc ring.