A Study of Genotoxicity of Food Colourant “Sudan I” in White Mice


The genotoxic effect of food colorant Sudan I was investigated using different cytogenetic parameters. Three doses of sudan I 0.325, 0.65 and 1.3 mg/kg.b.wt. which represent (Accepted Daily Intake ADI, double of the ADI, and four times of the ADI) were investigated. The doses were dissolved in distilled water and orally administrated and tested for the induction of SCE's, CAs, in bone marrow cells and primary- spermatocytes. Cyclophosphamid were used as positive control. The results showed statistically significant increase in SCEs, CAs in both bone marrow cells and primary- spermatocytes In conclusion the investigators suggest that the use of this substance must be banned like what happened in many countries.


White Mice, Sudan I