Iraqi Archaeology and UNESCO


This Study Focus on the important organization in the UN. When relate to human culture this organization is stablished in 1945 and called the United Nations of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization / UNESCO. We divided This Study on the introduction and four axes and a conclusion:1: The entrance to the study.11: : The first archaeological discoveries in Iraq and theft has been exposed. 111: : The second Gulf War and the systematic looting of the Iraqi Archaeology. IV: : The U.S. invasion of Iraq and the destruction and looting of its archaeology Iraqi land which holds more than 30% from the effects of the world is not detected and owns more than 12 thousand archaeological certain site in 1972. In 1974 Iraq signed on the World Heritage Convention , in order to obtain international protection for its archaeological site would prevent all forms of abuse it, Abertsgelha the States maps of the world in particular, so as not to be harmed as a result of wars and conflicts, And the Second Gulf War in 1991 and the resolutions of the economic blockade imposed by the United Nations, and also no-fly zones, Ltd., has opened a wide gate to the looting of its museums and Atharalarac and destruction of thousands of archaeological sites After invaded Iraq the United States was interested in oil before anything else and neglected Archaeology because they do not know the historical value.