Intestinal parasitic infections among rural villages in Basrah marshes regions


An epidemiological study were conducted during the period from June 2011 till October 2011. A total of (294) stool samples were collected and examined for intestinal parasites infections. The samples were taken from children (159 male and 135 female) from 1< to 14 years old in two rural villages (Abu-Malah and Harer) found in Basrah marshlands regions. The total prevalence of infection with Enterobius vermicularis was (50.32% , 44.6%) in Abu-Malah and Harer village, respectively. Moreover, the total prevalence of infection with Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia was, (23.87% , 30,93%) and (45.16% , 18.7%) in Abu-Malah and Harer village respectively. While, the lower prevalence of infection was recorded for Ascaris lumbricoides and Hymenolepis nana (2.58% , 3.59%) and (3.87% , 6.47%) in both villages, respectively. The total prevalence of infection with intestinal parasites was (75.51%) in both villages