Effect of ascorbic acid supplementation on skin wound healing


Ascorbic acid is essential for proper synthesis of collagen fiber and intercellular.ground substance of connective tissueObjective of this study was to determine the effect of ascorbic acid supplementationmg once daily for l0 days in the treatment of wound skin incision about 2cm in555.length and 4mm in depthThirteen albino rabbit were used in this study (eight rabbits represent experimental.)group while five represent as a control groupThe result of general histological observation revealed rapid and active healingprocess through complete epithelization of the surface of incision site and colla enousg . .fibrous tissue formation in the incision wound of animals with ascorbic acidadministration while in control group incomplete epithelization and incomplete healing of.connective tissue of skin woundIt was concluded that the administration of ascorbic acid might be sufficient to promote wound healing