Synthesizes and study some electrical properties of poly(o- toluidine) doped with Para toluene sulfonic acid (POT-PTSA).


poly(o-toluidine) doped by p-toluene sulphonic acid (POT-PTSA) was synthesized by using oxidative chemical polymerization method. The polymer solution deposited on, Aluminum, interdigitated finger electrode, and silicon wafer by the use of spin coating technique. The thickness of the samples is measured by the use of Ellipseometry spectroscopy. Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectra, Raman spectroscopes, and ultraviolet visibility functional group (UV-VIS. absorption) spectra, were used to characterize the molecular structures of (POT-PTSA). The surface imaging technique of AFM is used to get information about film's morphology. The electrical properties were investigated . The conductivity values of this polymer is (2.46x10-5Introduction S/cm), and increasing with increase temperature. The activation energy was determined from this curve was 0.211eV for POT-PTSA.