Performance Analysis of Single-Multiplier Digital Sine-Cosine Generators


AbstractIn this paper, second order structures satisfying single-multiplier digital sine-cosine generators are derived analytically, resulting in four different realizations. Some important characteristics of these generator structures, like total harmonic distortion percentage (THD%), frequency error ( and frequency resolution are defined and examined as performance measures. The four generator realizations are simulated using Matlab7.0 program. The simulation results show that better performance (THD% and are very low or negligible) can be obtained for these realizations by using 32 bits to represent the single-multiplier coefficient and other the outputs of arithmetic operations. The rounding-off method is applied as a quantization process after multiplication process. A comparison is made between one of the best-derived structures and other two recent structures implemented in previous researches. The comparison results indicate that better performance measures can be achieved from the proposed realization for the single-multiplier digital sine-cosine generator.Keywords: Digital sine-cosine generators, Look-up Table (LUT), CORDIC, Harmonic Distortions, frequency errors, frequency deviation.