Measuring the Residual Stress by Using New Experimental ⅣIethods Depend on the Stress Concentration.


The residual strcss is that which remttns in a body thatis stationaryand at cquilibHum with its surrclundings lt can be vcry dct五incntal tothc pcrfollllancc of a matcrial or thc lifc of a componcntAltcrnativcly,beneflcial rcsidual strcsscs can be introduccddclibcratcly Residual strcsscs arC mOrc difflcult to prcdict than thc in―cxpeHrnental incthods to scrvicc stresscs Thcrc arc rnany differentmeasure thc rcsidual strcss such as holc dHlling and x― ray ln thispaper,the new incthod is proposed to mcasurc thc residual strcss inweldment,this mcthod dcpends on thc strcss concentration factor for circle hole with different distance from weld line for differentspecimens (five specimens) , the hole is the region of measure theresidual stress .Also , the heat treatment is applied for differentspecimens as same condision and dimention to measure the decreasein the stress .The results are in a good agreement with anothermethod.