Synthesis of calcium hydroxyapatite powder from hen’s eggshell


The interest in calcium phosphates arises from the fact that bones contain a high percentage of mineralized calcium phosphate . In this study, pure and biocompatible hydroxyapatite (HAP) powder was successfully synthesized using hen’s egg shell as calcium source and phosphoric acid by precipitation method.The precipitate obtained was subjected to ripenning process for 24 hours, filtered, air dried, and calcined at temperatures of 400,800,900,and 1000 ºC.X-Ray diffraction(XRD) technique was used to investigate the formation of HAP powder, XRD results revealed the HAP formation and also indicate no occurrence of secondary phases. Fourier Transform Infrared(FT-IR) spectrum shows the characterstic peaks for phosphate and hydroxyl groups .The measured Ca/P ratio in HAP powder was 1.67 .