Simulation of Heat Storage and Heat Regeneration in Phase Change Material


The present study explores numerically the energy storage and energy regeneration during Melting and Solidification processes in Phase Change Materials (PCM) used in Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage (LHTES) systems. Transient two-dimensional (2-D) conduction heat transfer equations with phase change have been solved utilizing the Explicit Finite Difference Method (FDM) and Grid Generation technique. A Fortran computer program was built to solve the problem. The study included four different Paraffin's. The effects of container geometrical shape, which included cylindrical and square sections of the same volume and heat transfer area, the container volume or mass of PCM, variation of mass flow rate of heat transfer fluid (HTF), and temperatures difference between PCM and HTF were all investigated. Results showed that the PCMs in a cylindrical container melt and solidify quicker than the square container. The increase in mass flow rate and/or temperature difference decreases the time required for complete phase change. Paraffin's solidify quicker than they melt and store more energy than they release.