scientific and Radiographical Evaluation of Amalgam and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate as a Retrograde Filling in Periapical Surgery By Using Ultrasonic Device


Background: This study is to compare between Amalgam and Mineral TrioxideAggregate as retrograde filling in the healing process of periapical surgery by clinicaland radiographical evaluation.Material and method: A follow up study of twenty patients, eleven werefemales, nine were males, of average age (12-36) years old, with forty upper centralincisors involved with chronic periapical lesions, each patient has two central incisorswith two separated periapical lesions, the right side was apically filled with Zinc freeAmalgam and named as a control group (Group A), and the left side was filled withMTA as a study group (Group B). All patients were recalled within three months andsix months, and subjected to clinical and radiographical examinations, to evaluate thehealing process of both groups.Results: Clinically the study shows three failure cases (7.5%), one case (2.5%)was objectively failure which shows sinus formation in Amalgam group and twocases (5%) were subjectively failure, which shows pain and tenderness, one case ineach group. Radiographically, the study reported a remarkable bone formation 27cases (67.5%), fifteen cases in MTA group and twelve cases in amalgam group aftersix months. While 10 cases (25%), showed delayed bone formation, four cases werein MTA group and six cases were in Amalgam group, and three cases (7.5%) wereshowed enlargement in the size of radiolucency, one case in MTA group and twocases in Amalgam group. According to the follow up during the six months, the MTAgroup showed higher successful rate than Amalgam group, and the failure cases ingroup A was 10% and 5% in group B.Conclusions: The study shows that the best results are in those patients who havefailure in root canal filling, and in those patients who did not have labial sinusformation and labial cortical bone perforation. MTA group, shows decreased in(Mesio-Distal, Superio-Inferior dimensions and cavity surface area), faster than theAmalgam group.