The Effect of Organic Solvent Extracts and Secondary Compound Extract on The Biology of House Fly Musca domastica (Muscidae: Diptera).


Present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of some organic solvent extract and secondary plant compound of some plant namely Q. brantti , E. camaldelulensis , P. lanceolata and R. dentatus on the biological activities of the house fly Musca domestica to find out efficiency of plant extract against house fly. Organic solvent extract had also as affect on mortality of fly eggs Ethanol extract of E. camaldelulensis and R. dentatus had the best mortality rate ,while ethyl acetate and crube was the best for P. lanceolata and Q. brantti respectively. The ethanol & crude extract were the best mortality rate against larva of E. camaldelulensis reached 71.8 % and 71.6 % respectively then the ethanol extract of R. dentatus (71.04 %) and ethyl acetate to P. lanceolata (68.8 %), also the ethanol extract of E. camaldelulensis and R. dentatus showed high accumulated mortality rate to larvae (79.6%, 77.4%) respectively, while ethyl acetate extract of P. lanceolata got best mortality rate (81.4%) than the crude extract of Q. brantti (78.1%). Results also revealed that phenolic extract of E. camaldelulensis got best mortality rates for house fly eggs but for R. dentatus was the lowest while alkaloid extract for Q. brantti had the highest mortality but for P. lanceolata was the lowest mortality rate . On larval instars phenolic extract of P. lanceolata had the highest effect on the larval instar but Q. brantti was the lowest while alkaloid extract of R. dentatus was the highest mortality rate but P. lanceolata was the lowest rate . The Pupal weight revealy proportioned with the concentration of the extract.