Characterization of ZnO thin films grown by chemical bath deposition


The ZnO thin films were prepared by chemical bath deposition technique using glass substrates with bath temperature 80oC and annealing temperatures 300oC, 350oC and 400oC. The X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the prepared samples are polycrystalline and it exhibits hexagonal structure along with c-axis orientation. The average grain size of ZnO thin films was found to be 36.340nm as calculated by XRD using Debye Scherer’s formula. After annealing the films in air the grain size was 32.420nm, 60.993nm and 34.067nm respectively. The optical absorbance of the deposited films was characterized by UV-VIS-NIR spectrometry and shows the presence of direct transition with band gap energy 3.32eV and after annealing, it decreases to 3.12eV, 3.04eV and 3.10eV respectively.